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URL content filtering

URL content filtering in our products uses IAdmin URL Category database that is a list of web sites distributed by the categories according to its content. IAdmin URL Category database includes more than 4 million sites over the World. It contains sites in international domain zones (.com, .net etc.) and national ones (.ru, .us, .fr etc.). URL content filtering designed to control access to dangerous and prohibited sites, containing adult, illegal sites, violence, racism etc.

Advantages of content filtering using IAdmin URL category database:
- We fill the URL database only sites checked by hand, do not use tools for automatic categorization, while maintaining the highest quality of filtration!
- We are not looking for high numbers - database with more than 100 million sites on the market created by the robot (the program) and the correct definition of the categories is extremely doubtful, especially in languages other than English.
- We are not looking for high numbers 2 - 100+ categories which is very awkward - we combine related categories, such as audio and video into one, to make it easier to find and manage!
- The main bias in content filtering, we provide a potentially dangerous or inappropriate sites, such as "Adult", "Anonymous Proxy", and entertainment sites.

IAdmin URL Category database is regularly updated through the Internet in automatic mode. You can test sites online here (

The description of categories is represented below:

SportSports sites
Auto/MotoThe sites about cars and wheel technics
GamesGame sites, on-line games
Entertainment/Lifestyle/HumorEntertaining sites, except for games. Everything where it is possible to have a good rest - theatres, cinema, restaurants, etc.
Job SearchSites intended for job search
TravelTravel, trips across the world, sites of travel companies
Goods/ServicesIncludes sites of the companies, rendering services and delivering consumer goods
Music/Audio/Images/TorrentsOn these sites it is possible to download music in MP3 format, listen music and radio online, watch online video or download images or torrents
Military/WeaponsMilitary sites
Business/EconomyEconomy, financial news and analytics
EducationSites of universities, scientific research companies and others educational organizations
Health/MedicineMedicine and health, pharmaceutics
News/MediaPublic mass media
Industry/ManufacturingThe heavy industry, metallurgy, machine tools and so forth
Computers/InternetSites of the companies working in the field of IT, and also sites with any information about the Internet and computers
Web based EmailFree-of-charge mail in the Internet through a web browser
Free hostingOn such sites it is possible to place your own site
Search EnginesSearch Engines
Adult/Mature/PornoAdult sites
Anonymous proxy/ Hacking Anonymous proxy servers, hacking and cracking sites, malware, viruses
Social Networks/MessagingSocial networks, chats, IRC, ICQ, Skype, and other online messaging
Government/Law/PoliticOfficial web sites of official bodies, political parties, legal profession and jurisprudence
Kids/School/FamilySites for children, made by children, sites of schools and for school children
CultureMuseums, cultural state institutions, art
Advertisement/BannersAdvertisement banner networks
Alcohol/TobaccoSites of manufacturers of alcohol and tobacco, and also the sites calling for their use.
Illegal/QuestionableImmoral, illegal, roguish and other dangerous sites
GamblingOnline gambling for money
Hate/RacismSites devoted to racial discriminations, enmity between people, to violence.
Illegal DrugsPropaganda of drugs
Forums/BlogsInternet forums, blogs and personal sites
Sex EducationSexual formation, here there is no pornography
Software DownloadsSoftware archives
Money for surfingSites offering money for surfing, a freebie, etc.

Types of content filtering categories

In IAdmin URL Category database categories are presented into several types. So dangerous for children and undesirable in the workplace are categories named Adult/Mature/Porno, Illegal Drugs, Gambling, Money for surfing, Illegal/Questionable, Alcohol/Tobacco, Anonymous proxy/ Hacking, Criminal. These categories we recommend to block for all users.

The second type of content filtering categories are undesirable in the workplace - Social Networks/Messaging, Job Search, Web based Email, Free hosting, Advertisement/Banners.

The third type is websites of entertainment orientation preventing work - a Sport, Auto/Moto, Games, Entertainment/Lifestyle/Humor, Travel, Goods and Services, Music/Audio/Images/Torrents, Forums\Blogs.

Other categories is information sites, which do not interfere with the work and does not pose a risk to children but can be useful for general analysis of use of the Internet.

iAdmin URL 2.0 statistics, version 689

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