Stop unwanted content!

Our solutions REALLY help to stop access
to the adult sites, music, video and other entertainments on workplaces and at Home

Internet Administrator provides:

- Detailed monitoring of users Internet activity;

- Internet traffic control...

Advantages of applied technologies:

- It is possible to install on any computer of a network if the smart network switch with port mirroring is used...


Let us present "Internet Administrator" software products family - the set of programs designed for a wide range of users to provide a traffic control and internet access management, and also to reduce no-purpose use of the Internet. For corporate users we offer a base product with a full set of control functions, such as the traffic control, web filtering, traffic reports and so on. For home users we offer the lite version which primary mission is a protection of children from dangerous contents, such as a adult sites or drugs. OEM version is designed for internet providers and developers of network software, who is interested in content filtering. On our site you will find the detailed information about all our products and services, including prices.