Internet Administrator for Network


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- Internet Administrator is a software for monitoring internet traffic in networks of any scale! It controls internet access, shows reports, and blocks internet users by many options!

- It is an software-independent solution that allows to organize web filtering to reduce the risk of visiting adult sites at work, increase employee productivity by limiting the entertainment sites, as well as organize a reporting system on the internet usage at the company.

- A unique solution: the installation is done on a separate mirroring port of a network switch or a hardware router! It is not the gateway and does not pass traffic through itself, it does not slow down the network, but it can run on an existing gateway to the Internet!

- URL Category database for content filtering contains over 4 million sites! URL Category database is unique in its content and includes a mechanism for online updates for maintaining up to date.

- Allows you to use the Internet exclusively for business! And in schools and home computers will help prevent the use of unethical and obscene material!

- Compatible with any network equipment! It handles traffic by superfast algorithms and carries out the block by sending special packets. It does not require connection to the protocol driver, it is only enough network card driver!