Internet Administrator for Network

Internet access control

Internet Administrator is an Internet access control software. It manages who, where, when and how can get access to the Internet. Access policy makes it possible to use the Internet exclusively for business! Users must have an access only to those internet resources, which are necessary for them in their work. According to the statistics, more than 70 percent of the employees use corporate Internet for personal purposes, downloads gigabytes of video and audio, surfing through news, games and adult sites. Also free access can become the reason for the appearance of unethical materials in a corporate network. Internet Administrator for Network will help you to implement Internet access policy and manage access to the Internet.

The access policy is built on the access rules. Each rule either denies or grants access to the Internet object. It is possible to manage the following Internet objects: Site categories, web sites, protocols, IP networks, words in URL request, time of access, Countries by IP and Page content by MIME type.

Site categories give you great possibilities - you need not to deny each site manually - simply select necessary category!