Internet Administrator for Network

HTTPS, SSL, TLS decrypting

Technologies used in the program can decrypt (decode) HTTPS traffic over TLS and SSL protocols. This ability is provided by a separate module - HTTP / HTTPS proxy server - IAdmin Proxy.

IAdmin Proxy is a classic proxy server, and internet browsers must be reconfigured to work with it.

In HTTPS protocol proxy server acts as a layer between the client and the server. It generates certificates for sites and establishes an encrypted connection with the client. Thus, the data obtained through IAdmin Proxy, become open (decrypted). Then IAdmin Proxy connects encrypted connection to the web server and transfer client's requests.

Own CA (Root Certification Authority) certificate is used for SSL / TLS signing of certificates for each site, you can create your own. Adding the CA certificate to users' computers in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities completely avoids warnings in Internet browsers on the invalidity of the certificate. IAdmin Proxy will not establish connection with Web sites that have the invalid certificate.

Using IAdmin Proxy, you will be able to monitor and to restrict individual user requests to any encrypted site: you can limit access to specific pages in Facebook, will be able to see what users are searching with Google, etc.

IAdmin Proxy uses the latest Microsoft server technology, so one server can process a huge number of requests and serve hundreds of clients. Overall performance is determined by the number of processors and amount of memory in the server. IAdmin Proxy does not use caching on the disk and disk operations in general - all data are only processed in RAM, which undoubtedly excludes braking in traffic.