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Internet Administrator is able to determine in which country is located the host (site) that is accessed by users. This makes it possible to configure access to the physical location of the provider (host) for which the site is located.

Linguistic affiliation or membership in a particular country replaces the root zone in site addresses. For example, sites ending to .uk - Great Britain, .de - Germany, but in practice this does not mean that these sites are located in country of root zone.

But for each country are assigned specific IP addresses which determine where the site is physically located. This ensures that the contents of the site are under the jurisdiction of that particular country and must comply with the laws. For example, Russia banned the distribution of pornography, therefore, no one provider in Russia does not allow to post such materials and you can guarantee that such material you will not see.

However, it should be borne in mind that popular services can be located outside the relevant countries and will become inaccessible, but such services can be applied separate allow rules!