Internet Administrator for Network

Protection against anonymity

Recently, a number of methods to bypass the corporate internet access policy has increased significantly. This applies not only to corporate networks, but to anybody who set up their own policies for Internet access.

If not so long ago were popular anonymous proxy servers, web-based interface or the VPN, is now actively used more sophisticated tools, special software, and plug-ins for browsers, using their closed lists of proxy servers, which number in the thousands. To circumvent the prohibitions apply non-standard methods, such as turbo modes in browsers and even Google translator!

IAdmin URL Category database is intended to restrict access to sites to the appropriate categories. One of these categories, " Anonymous Proxy/Hackers", prevents the use of anonymous proxy servers to circumvent the established prohibitions.

"Internet Administrator Company Ltd." is constantly working on updating the list of anonymous proxy servers in the category of " Anonymous Proxy / Hackers" - Use it for guaranteed protection against the circumvention of blocks!

"Internet Administrator" software products due to URL Filtering Module have in their arsenal protection against the circumvention of the following methods:

- Anonymous proxy servers based on web interface
- Anonymous proxy servers based on HTTP-proxy or VPN connection
- Turbo mode in Opera browsers and Yandex
- TOR Browser, Pirate Browser and the like, as well as the entire TOR network
- Plug-ins and extensions for the browser, such as Browsec, ZenMate, Stealthy, AnonymoX
- Google Translator

You need to block each above method in access policy, otherwise anyone, even an inexperienced user can get around them!