Internet Administrator for Network

Stand-alone install

Internet Administrator for Network is installed already working Internet connection. The program can be installed on a dedicated server connected to a mirroring port on the network switch or router, or server acting as internet gateway. Internet Administrator includes two components that collect traffic: packet analyzer and HTTP proxy server IAdmin Proxy.

The basic for the work is a (packet analyzer ). Network packets are received for processing directly from the network card, which is connected to the local network from your computer.

Location of Internet Administrator server is important. If you perform the installation on a regular network computer, which is not connected to a mirroring port or acting as a gateway to the Internet, the program will be able to monitor and block only this computer. Other computers on the network, it does not see because of network switch, since these device only forwards packets between network ports of the sender and the receiver. To resolve this issue, use the following options:

1. The best way is to use a managed hardware router or smart switch that supports port mirroring, which allows you to set a specific port, to which will be copied network packets from other selected ports. Server with Internet Administrator should always be connected to a mirroring port, and the port through which the users traffic is go - to choose as a mirrored. In the case of the router as a mirrored port is necessary to choose the LAN port, as in the case of the switch - port to which the internet cable from provider is connected. Some managed switches, for example, CISCO, when setting up the port monitoring forbid it sending network packets. This means that a computer on the port will not be able to work in a network, and Internet Administrator will conduct monitoring only and will not be able to block requests. To address this situation, use a second network card and connect it to a normal port on the switch. And In network settings, select this card as a separate network adapter for the block.
Example setup port mirroring on TP-LINK routers.
Example setup port mirroring on TP-LINK switches.

2. Another method is to create a gateway to the Internet and installing programs on it. The easiest way to create a gateway is a software network bridge by using the Microsoft Windows operating system, which will turn a computer with two network cards in the "2-port switch" and pass Internet traffic through it. This option is good that no changes on the client computers do not need to do. Select one of the computers on your network and install a second network card if not present. Remove the cable from the switch that goes from the Internet gateway (modem, hardware router) and connect it to the new card. In the properties of network connections choose 2 network cards and indicate in the right-click menu "Bridge Connections". Set up a bridge TCP / IP settings that were on the computer.

Another type of gateway - a NAT server. To create such a gateway is also required server with 2 network cards. Provide external network card to share connection in its properties and set TCP \ IP settings on users' computers so that they use the new server as the default gateway.