Internet Administrator for Network

Add-on for Microsoft Forefront TMG Server

Integration with Microsoft Forefront TMG Server

If you are using Microsoft Forefront TMG Server as a gateway to the Internet, "Internet Administrator for Network" integrates with TMG Server and allows you to control internet access working together.

This integration provides a full set of "Internet Administrator" features, such as internet monitoring and reporting, content filtering, internet traffic and internet access control. Unlike independent system "Internet Administrator" receives traffic data directly from TMG Server.

Two TMG filters provide this process and are installed in TMG server: an application filter to monitor NAT and Firewall clients and Web Filter to control requests through the Web proxy. As a result, Internet Administrator monitors all traffic, including VPN connections.

Migrating from Microsoft Forefront TMG to Windows Server 2012 + Internet Administrator for Network 3.5

On 9 September 2012 Microsoft announced no further development will take place on Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010. In this regard, we also stop the development of our special edition for that firewall.

However, TMG was not dismissed entirely, its basic network functions have been added to Windows Server 2012! Remote Access component includes most of the network functions of TMG.

Routing and NAT provide Internet access to the entire network. Web Application Publishing component is available in Web Application Proxy. To migrate remote access to the network best suited Windows Server 2012 with support for DirectAccess, SSTP, IKEv2, PPTP, L2TP / IPSec. Implementation of "Site-to-Site Connectivity" also found its place in Windows Server 2012. This includes support for virtual private networking technologies and protocols IKEv2 S2S, L2TP / IPSec S2S, IPSec S2S.

And Internet Administrator for Network is perfect for migration of access control and monitoring. It provides same posibilities, including filtering by MIME-types and web proxy.

In addition to the posibilities of TMG, Internet Administrator provides:

  • limiting traffic speed and volume for each user
  • unique URL Category database to filter adult and malicious sites
  • the ability to decrypt HTTPS
  • Access reports
  • and much, much more ...