Company news

News for 2015 year


Improvements in "Internet Administrator for the Network"

The optimization of algoritms and resource utilization was made.


Internet Administrator for Network 3.5 - an overview of innovations

In the program appeared: new component Admin Proxy, HTTPS decryption, control over the content type, geolocation of sites; restored integration with Microsoft Forefront TMG.


Preventing circumvention of locks and anonymization on the Internet

With the category "Anonymous Proxy/Hackers" in "Internet Administrator" software products family became possible to close the turbo mode in browsers and the TOR network.


We released several updates for Internet Administrator for Network!

Updates fix bugs in the program


The total number of sites in the URL category database has exceeded 4 million!


The new version of the parental control is now available!

Today was posted a new release of Internet Administrator for Home 2015.