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News for 2017 year


A new version 3.6 of the "Internet Administrator for Network" was released.

The site categorization module has been updated: iAdmin URL 2.0 platform has been added.

"Internet Administrator Company" announces the release of the new version 3.6 of its base product "Internet Administrator for Network".

Now it is available all site categorization possibilities of the iAdmin URL 2.0 platform: new categories in the total number of 78 and new sites more than 6 million.

The "Internet Administrator for Network" defines categories by the full URL, including the query page, dynamic queries and their parameters. Added support for categorization by mask with an asterisk, when a portion of a site or URL is specified, and all matching requests are determined by the category of the specified mask.

In addition, the work of the built-in proxy server with the Google Chrome browser has been fixed - the required parameter - alternative names has been added to the generated site certificates.