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News for 2016 year


The number of sites in the content filtering database "iAdmin URL" has exceeded 6 million, and the number of categories has been expanded to 78!

Due to new methods of detection, it was possible to obtain a lot of new data, which is incomparable with the algorithms previously used.

A new platform for content filtering "iAdmin URL 2.0" was released. The new "iAdmin URL 2.0" allows you to filter Internet access by categories comparable in quality of industry leaders. We offer the market the accurate and verified URL database with human checking. In the new platform, the number of categories is extended from 38 to 78. This allows the most accurate setting of the access policy and monitoring. Now the categories are grouped according to thematic sections. The categories themselves can consist of several thematically close subcategories - thus 78 categories combine 123 subcategories!

The "iAdmin URL 2.0" platform goes into the Security segment! We have added and will constantly monitor sites that are capable of causing real harm to corporate networks. In terms of security, the categories are "Malware", "Viruses", "Phishing sites", "Spyware". The use of our service along with antivirus helps to avoid downloading dangerous code from the Internet or sending sensitive data to fake sites!

In the new version of the platform, we begin to process not only sites, but the full path of the URL. This will allow more accurate categorization of large portals by sections and pages in the URL. In addition, "iAdmin URL 2.0" categorizes parameters in queries and their values.

"IAdmin URL 2.0" allows you to categorize sites and pages by a mask with an asterisk. For example, if we add * to a specific category, all hosts of all the subdomains of will be categorized as belonging to this category. Mask categorization can be configured even for an entire category. For example, by default, this setting is enabled for the category "Pornography \ For Adults". This allows you to completely cover any new sites on the domain that is already in the database.

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