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Internet Administrator for Network 3.5 - an overview of innovations

In the program appeared: new component Admin Proxy, HTTPS decryption, control over the content type, geolocation of sites; restored integration with Microsoft Forefront TMG.


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"Internet Administrator Company Ltd." announces the release of the new version 3.5 of its core product "Internet Administrator for Network”.

In the program there have been some major changes - such a new component IAdmin Proxy. This is a non-standard HTTP \ HTTPS proxy server - over HTTPS it implements the Trusted man-in-the-middle technique. The program is great potential for the analysis of previously unavailable traffic. Using IAdmin Proxy, Internet Administrator for Network can determine the full URL of the request and the type of content of encrypted site and block individual components, for example, deny a video or music in Facebook, while messages and other sections of the social network will be available. When monitoring data of encrypted traffic looks like ordinary, registered individual requests for pages.

There are new objects “Content type" and “Country by IP” in the access policy. "Content Type" allows you to prevent access by content type, which indicate a site web server. It uses a set of standard of MIME-types, combined into groups: audio, text, images, videos, applications. Restrictions are possible both in the content group, and on a predefined data types (html, mp3, flash, jpeg, all over 60). Object "Country by IP" determines the physical location of the site hosting and gives the possibility to implement access policies for individual countries and regions

To the new version was added a number of small-scale possibilities: detection current registered domain users by administrator request, separate limits on traffic during working and non-working hours.

Version 3.5 installs Microsoft SQL Server Express 2014 instead of MS Access database as the default database. Microsoft SQL Server can be used before, but this required a separate installation and its configuration. Now the installation is a single distribution package. Despite the fact that Express version has its limitations, this database system is much faster and better than the MS Access. The change DBMS to full Microsoft SQL Server are saved as an alternative to the Express version.

The new version restores integration with Microsoft Forefront TMG Sever, that remains popular, despite Microsoft refusal to further development and support. "Internet Administrator for Network" is working with TMG Sever as an additional component via a web and application filters that are installed directly into the TMG console. Possibility of full traffic processing in TMG Sever is available only in this way - without integration TMG Sever does not intercept the traffic and spoils some network settings.