News for 2014 year


The sixth update of Internet Administrator for Network was released today.

It was implemented a number of significant improvements in the overall data processing system.

We are starting to gradually introduce handlers application protocols, the first of which was the encryption protocol TLS. This standardized protocol unlike SSL allows you to define the name of encrypted websites that are accessed when multiple sites are on the same IP address. So access is not blocked to all hosts, but only to selected sites. On the HTTPS encryption is now moved virtually all of the services that require authentication - mail, social networking, and even search engines, so additional treatment TLS is relevant.

It changed the name resolution mechanism. Earlier requests for DNS protocol used as an alternative. Now to resolve hostnames, working on a protocol other than HTTP, you must set the IP address of the user's DNS servers do not included in the local address lists or individual settings were excluded. Otherwise, the name resolution will operate according to the old principle - in the statistics will be a lot of IP addresses.

Fixed a number of inaccuracies new users to process the old rules do not immediately after the discovery, removed the protection of the encryption program executable files because of erroneous blocking some antivirus .