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The long-awaited, incredible and the best ever created - the new Internet Administrator 3.0!

Internet Administrator for Network is released!

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We have did their best and got a powerful, multidimensional solution to integrate with any network infrastructure!

Now the hardware network devices became managing everywhere. This allowed us to massively use the network switch port mirroring, for which designed the Internet administrator initially. Now we strongly recommend that you install Internet Administrator for Network on a dedicated server, connected to the mirroring port.  This installation has two unprecedented benefits:
- failure controlling server, Internet will continue to work!
- The program does not have an impact on the physical network packets, and thus does not slows the network! You ask, "How is it blocks access?" - Set and try it!
Alternatively, the program may be installed on a server acting as a gateway to the Internet.

The new URL Category Database, being in the arsenal of our product, is a unique development. It contains over 3.5 million world sites! We are constantly working and releasing site updates for registered users. The new version provides the possibility to request a test key for URL Category Database to test the quality of filtering sites such as "for adult" and "anonymous proxy servers."

New version is multilingual and allows the choice of language English or Russian in the beginning of the installation - it will be a single international version. There was a colorful, customizable management interface that is compatible with the latest design versions of Windows.

Now Internet Administrator - a full server product. The functions of the former client module for user computers migrated to the embedded Web server.

Included full support for national domain names. The program also recovers and processes Unicode national questions in the address bar, such as, for example, requests to Google.

This is the first version, which launched its own update mechanism. The program will offer to download and install new versions and patches when they are available.

From now on, we recommend a free Microsoft SQL Server Express as a working server for the database. It must be installed after the test program, and change the default database to the database on Microsoft SQL Server with the integrated database wizard.

Internet Administrator for the Web server supports the latest version from Microsoft - Windows Server 2012 R2!