News for 2014 year


Many many sites added to the URL Category database.

In the second half of 2013 and early 2014, it was released a number of significant updates and additions to the URL Category database.

So, it was added more than 240,000 new entries in the category Porno / For adults and the total number of this category amounted to more than 900 thousand websites! The second stage was the correction of staff categories and add / change a number of popular sites of the entertainment categoriestotal processed about 50 thousand records. Not without update anonymous proxy server - added about 10,000 new, and queue handling more than 40 thousand. In 2014, we continued to work actively on filling and correction of base categories.

Category database is the main tool in the program, using which you can in one step to close unwanted sites. Ability of the current database allows almost completely avoid the use of unwanted sites, such as pornography, anonymous proxy servers.
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